About Us

PATRI, Brazil’s market leader in providing public affairs services, was founded in 1986 during the country’s redemocratization period, following 21 years of military rule. Its establishment and the evolution of our work have gone hand in hand with the process of building democracy and rule of law in Brazil.

With over 30 years of experience in Brazil (with offices in Brasília, DF and São Paulo, SP) and a presence of more than 20 years in Washington, DC (USA), PATRI has extensive knowledge about the process of formulating public policy in Brazil’s complex business environment.

Our team comprises nearly 70 highly skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds, trained in-house to contemplate and carry out the work of public affairs in keeping with our culture, developed over the years through proven methodology, expertise and corporate governance.

PATRI is nonpartisan and secular and is recognized for its high standard of ethics and effective execution. We comply with all domestic and foreign laws associated with governance, transparency and anti-corruption as well as client confidentiality agreements and codes of ethics.

We believe that legitimate advocacy and related representation should not be outsourced to third parties but rather handled by companies and their representatives in-house or by professional associations.

We do not represent our clients, although we do advocate for the regulation of lobbying. We understand the importance of promoting the advocacy process, since the exercise of full citizenship relies on the empowerment and active participation of all segments of civil society in formulating public policy in an open and ongoing fashion.

"The process of formulating public policy in a democracy calls for participation by all segments of society, reliable information, qualified representation, transparency and ethics”
Eduardo Carlos Ricardo (PATRI)



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